When people hear the word blogging, they often think of random daily thoughts that you post online. Blogging is actually much more than that. It is a way for you to control your online image and reputation.

Your Online Image and Reputation

In the modern age of technology, everyone searches online. Potential clients will gauge your reputation and expertise by what they see on your website and other social media outlets. Blogging is an opportunity for you to control that impression. You can use blogging to…

  • Promote Your Products and Services
  • Demonstrate Your Knowledge and Expertise
  • Share Your Thoughts and Opinions
  • Provide Testimonials/Reviews for Your Service and/or Products

Don’t Want To or Have Time To Blog?

Many people hear the word blogging and automatically think, “I don’t want to blog” or “I don’t have time to blog”. By not blogging and controlling your online image and reputation, you are choosing not to build your business. Think back to high school. If you were running for student office but didn’t distribute any flyers or promote yourself as a candidate, would you expect to get many votes come election time? If you’re not promoting your services online, can you expect to get as many customers as the individuals or companies that heavily promote themselves? The impact and influence of the Internet and social media is here to stay, so there is no avoiding it.

Time to Get Started

Lanergy Solutions offers blogging tools (Build-a-Blog) that compile and format blog articles and automated keyword and search engine optimization. For real estate agents, we also offer Real Estate Ghost Writer professionally written articles on a wealth of real estate topics. Both tools can be used on any blogging website.

Don’t have a website, we can help with that too! Our websites are built on the WordPress platform, have an easy to use back-end interface, and include Build-a-Blog and Build-a-Blog PLUS. Contact us for additional information.