There are many different loan programs for home buyers, and the programs may change from time to time. Real estate agents can blog about many different home financing topics in order to reach buyers searching online.

Blogging About Financing Programs

You can write one blog that provides a general overview of the most popular loan programs, but do not try to include ALL information on every program. You should create additional blog posts for each type of loan,..or perhaps even multiple blogs for each type of loan.

Blog Topics for Each Program

Provide information on one blog program over several different blog posts, each covering a specific facet of that program.

  • Definition/Components of a Program
  • Advantages versus Disadvantages
  • Requirements/Qualification Criteria
  • Top 10 Myths
  • Top 10 Facts
  • What Types of Buyers Should Consider
  • Typical Fees/Closing Costs

Information to Include in Blog Posts

Be sure to include disclaimers and other vital information…

  • Provide links to official website/information on a type of loan.
  • Clearly indicate whether something is a fact or your opinion.
  • Mention that loan programs are subject to change without notice.
  • Do not quote exact rates,..but if you absolutely must, indicate an exact date and time that the rate was valid and that rates can change at any moment.

An Easier Way to Blog

Lanergy Solutions clients can use the Build-a-Blog template for “Financing Programs” to quickly present facts on a particular financing options. Build-a-Blog PLUS provides professionally written blogs on standard programs as well and can supplement self-written content. For more agent blogging ideas, subscribe to our blog or follow us on FaceBook or Twitter.