Lani Sanethong, Founder & CEO

Lani’s background and experience is diverse. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Clark University with a double major in American government and Psychology. She then earned a MBA from the same institution with a concentration in accounting. With every position she has held, she has been involved with a wide range of operations including human resources, sales, bookkeeping, administration, information technology, production, and general business operations.

Over her career, Lani has been involved with different technology projects across various industries. Her role often involves bridging the gap between end users and programmers.  Having worked closely with independent professionals, Lani recognized the challenges faced by them when it came to their marketing efforts, particularly with websites, blogging and SEO. She now focuses on helping small business owners and sole proprietors with a wide range of consulting and support services. By taking the time to understand their needs, she is able to provide quality and personalized service and support.

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Jeffrey Trudel, Vice President – Business Development

Jeff TrudelFor over 15 years, Jeff has been working in and around mortgage lending and real estate. In 2003, he was hired by Washington Mutual as Northern New England Sales Director and developed this under-served territory from $4 Million to $100M in annual sales. Even through the massive 2008 U.S. financial downturn, serving the lender and Realtor based communities remained his central focus when he acted as an independent consultant for various brokerages throughout New England. In 2011, Jeff joined Praxius Technology, an online marketing company built to help Lenders and Realtors increase their online identity. Jeff successfully grew the client base and the company was sold. He joined the Lanergy team in the spring of 2012 bringing an entrepreneurial spirit and passion to help his clients get the best online and social media marketing results.
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