Consider promoting not only your open houses but all open houses in your area. This is an agent blogging idea that can be very effective in reaching prospective buyers.

Why Agents Should Blog About Open Houses Other Than Their Own

Buyers planning their weekend will search online for open houses, so why not give them a reason to refer to your site for that information? Yes, it does occur to us that you will be helping other agents market their listings and increase traffic to their open houses. Buyers will search for this information online and will find it anyway. By allowing them to see this information on your website, you increase the chances that they may contact you with questions or additional information prior to the open house date. Furthermore, it increases your online exposure. The more buyers see your name and image associated with open houses in a particular town, the more they will think that YOU are an expert in that area.

How to Blog About Open Houses

A simple open house list can be boring, so think about adding value to your blog post.

  • Overview of the Town
  • Information About a Particular Neighborhood
  • Advice for Buyers Attending Open Houses

The most important thing you should do is to include a list of open houses right within the blog post. This is best done by framing an open house list from your IDX service and framing a page that includes pictures of the listings next to the open house dates/times. By framing, it also keeps the information up-to-date regardless of when someone may view that blog post.

Do not force visitors to click on an easily-missed text link or perform some magnificent act to view the list. Chances are, they’ll simply go elsewhere to get the information rather than deal with the hassle.

Again, the purpose of this type of blog is to give you additional exposure. You’re not trying to claim that all of the listings are yours. You are simply providing a service to buyers who may be looking for open house lists.

Open House Blogging Made Easy

Build-a-Blog by Lanergy Solutions provides an easy template that prompts you for information (including the open house search results link from your IDX) and then quickly compiles a search engine optimized and consumer friendly blog post. Click here to see a sample open house blog created by one of our clients. Get Build-a-Blog and Build-a-Blog PLUS for one low monthly fee! It will pay for itself in the first month based on the amount of time and energy it will save you!

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