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Real Estate Ghost Writer provides blog content and helps get you ranked on search engines!

Purchasing blog content gives you the time and energy to focus on your other business activities. Our Real Estate Ghost Writer service contains a wealth of information on home buying, home selling, home repair, mortgages and financing, market conditions, etc. Select from a list of pre-written topics and immediately receive a blog post for placement on your website. WordPress websites can take advantage of our one-click transfer option.

Real Estate Ghost Writer Features

  • Unique Versions of Articles
  • Select Topics from Our List
  • Search Engine Optimized Content
  • ALL Blog Fields Provided (title, body, meta description, meta keywords, tags)
  • Use on ANY Blogging Website
  • One-Click Posting to WordPress Sites

Below are links to a few Ghost Writer articles ordered by our clients and placed on their websites. Keep in mind that this is only a small sampling. We have a long list of 120+ topics available and continue to add more each month.
Building Versus Buying Homes
Fall Cleanup Tips
Home Maintenance Checklist
Interest Rates and Pre-approvals
New Construction Money Saving Tips
Refinancing Considerations
USDA Loans
97% Conventional Mortgages

Where does the content come from?

We do not steal or scrape our content from other websites. Our staff are experienced real estate agents and write every single word that appears in our blog posts using their knowledge and experience. Many topics are also suggestions or requests from existing clients.

Do you only replace the town name in the article?

We do not replace just the town name. The paragraphs and sentences will vary. In fact, you can request the same topic more than once and receive a different blog post on that topic every time. No two articles are exactly identical.

Will the articles pass Copyscrape review?

Copyscrape is used to identify plagiarized content. Since these articles are different versions of the same initial version, there will of course be some similarity in the words used throughout. We are essentially plagiarizing ourselves. Therefore, it will not likely pass Copyscrape review. However, this does not mean that your article will not rank well on search engines. Similar words are naturally used in similar topics (especially when it comes to real estate), even when written by different authors. Search engines therefore do give some leeway on similar words. The most important factor is not to have entire sections (i.e. paragraphs) that are identical. If you prefer to have an article that will pass Copyscrape review, we suggest that you use our custom blog writing services.

Do the credits expire if I don’t use them?

No, your credits will not expire. You can use them all within a month or carry them over to future months.

Why do you ask for a location?

Real estate is local and online consumers search locally, so adding a location focuses the search results for which you will be ranked. Additionally, you will want to target customers looking in your area and not another part of the country. We incorporate a local reference throughout the blog posts to better target your consumer base.

Is there any start-up fee or long-term contract?

There are NO start-up fees or long-term contracts to use Real Estate Ghost Writer. We believe that we provide a valuable service that will continually offer you new content each and every month. We want you to remain a customer simply because you benefit from our services, so we do not tie you into any contract term. You may cancel at any time.

How often do you add new topics?

New topics are added every month.

Do I have control over the topics?

You may log in to our Knowledge Base and select topics from a list. If there is a topic that does not appear on the list, you can request it. If it is generally applicable to our customer base, then we are happy to include it in our blog repository.

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