As a business professional, you must differentiate yourself from your competitors and continually promote yourself. Blogging is a great way of promoting buyer agent services.

Concise Topics – Shorter Is Better

You may offer many different services and benefits as a Buyer’s Agent, but don’t inundate your customers by detailing EVERYTHING in one single blog article. An article that is extremely long will be intimidating to readers and not benefit you very much.

Break your services down into smaller segments and write a detailed blog post on that one item. This will help your search engine optimization by reaching customers looking for that specific topic.  Create a separate category for these blogs so visitors can see a list of them on your website.  Your services as a real estate buyer agent may include…

  • Reviewing Suitable Properties
  • Showing Properties
  • Recommending Local Providers (Lenders, Inspectors, Attorneys)
  • Preparing Offers
  • Negotiating Offers
  • Attending Inspections
  • Negotiating Inspection Results
  • Monitoring Deadlines
  • Closing Preparation
  • Guidance and Advice

Each one of the above can be a separate blog topic.

What to Write About

Now that you have a list of services, you need to figure out what say about those services. Break your blog post into subheadings to make it easy to read and to clearly outline your content. Here are some suggestions for discussion topics (your specific subheadings in the blog should be adapted to the particular service item).

  • Importance/Reason
    Why is the service important?
    How will the service help home buyers?
  • Value Added
    How does your service differ from others?
    Do you have extensive experience?
    Do you take a unique approach?
  • Considerations
    If buyers are interviewing other agents, what questions might they ask?
    How can buyers find out more about you?
    Do you have testimonials from other agents on this service?
  • Lead Capture
    Provide an easy way for buyers to contact you if they are interested in this service.
    Include a contact form right on the page if possible.
    Include your full contact information on the page.

Lanergy Solutions Makes Promoting Buyer Agent Services Easy

Lanergy Solutions clients can use the “Service” template under Build-a-Blog for guidance on promoting buyer agent services. Build-a-Blog will then create a search engine optimized blog post. We also have Build-a-Blog PLUS pre-written articles on this topic. It provides an overview of buyer agency and the benefits to home buyers.