Real estate professionals offer an important perspective on the home buying process. The different steps in the home buying process provide a wealth of blogging topics and is useful information to home buyers.

Blogging About Home Buying Steps

Think about each step of the home buying process and the information that you may provide to buyer clients. Rather than creating just one blog post on the entire process, split your topics into each small step. Here are some small steps that you should consider blogging about….

  • Selecting a Real Estate Agent
  • Searching for Homes Online
  • Viewing Properties
  • Making Offers
  • Negotiating Offers
  • Reviewing Seller Disclosures
  • Obtaining a Mortgage Pre-approval
  • Selecting a Home Inspector
  • Home Inspection Process & Components
  • Negotiating Inspection Results
  • Escrow Deposits
  • Purchase and Sales Agreements
  • Applying for a Mortgage
  • Appraisals
  • Mortgage Commitments/Approvals
  • Utility Setup
  • Final Walk-thru
  • HUD-1 Settlement Statements
  • After Closing

There may be other steps specific to your market area that you can also discuss.

Information to Include in Blog Posts

If you provide too much content, your blog post may be intimidating. If you provide too little content, your blog post may not be useful. Provide general information and links to useful resources. Focus on a well balanced blog with subheadings that give readers an idea of what is included in your blog post.

For example, if you are blogging about “making offers”, you may have the following subheadings in the body of your blog:

  • Components of An Offer
  • Approaches and Considerations
  • What to Expect After Submitting an Offer

Always make your blog post local to your area. Even though some or all of the information may apply nationally, you want to target local buyers. Include a reference to the state, county or region rather than leaving it open ended. For example, instead of “selecting a real estate agent”, you may use “selecting a real estate agent in Boston MA” or “selecting Boston MA real estate agents”.

Pre-written Blogs on the Home Buying Process

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