Why Market Reports?

A great blogging topic for real estate agents is market reports. Home buyers and home sellers are always looking for the latest statistics and trends on their local market. News media often focus on national or regional statistics, but real estate customers want information local to their market. Town/City specific statistics can be very different from county or state-wide figures.

Best Approach to Market Report Blogs

Blogs on market reports should always focus on defined areas such as…

  • A City/Town
  • A Subdivision
  • A Condo Complex
  • A Neighborhood

Types of Market Reports

There are many different types of information that real estate agents can pull from MLS. All of these stats can be included in one market report, or referenced in different reports.

  • Average Selling Price
  • Number of Homes Sold
  • Average Days on Market
  • Median Sales Price
  • Lowest Sales Price
  • Highest Sales Price

Time Frames & Trends

Market statistics are more useful when put into perspective. Always provide figures for multiple years so that customers can understand the trend. For example, if you are providing statistics for January 2012, compare that figure to January 2011, January 2010, and January 2009. Keep the time frame consistent but across multiple years.

Lanergy Solutions Makes It Easy to Blog About Market Statistics

Build-a-Blog, by Lanergy Solutions, offers an easy way to blog about market statistics. Enter the figures and a few thoughts on the local market and Build-a-Blog will do the hard work of preparing the blog post with title/headings/paragraphs, creating a chart displaying the trend over the years, calculating percentages changes from year to year, and search engine optimizing the blog post including keywords and formatting. Visit www.greaterbostonagent.com to view a sample. Contact us to learn more about how Build-a-Blog real estate blogging tools can save you time and help you achieve high search engine ranking.