Rather than uploading videos to your blog website, you can upload them to YouTube and easily embed them into a blog post or page. The following are instructions for embedding a video from YouTube into a WordPress blog post or page using the Artiss YouTube Embed plugin.

Embedding Instructions

  1. Find the video id from YouTube. If you pull up your YouTube video, the video ID appears after the equal sign.
  2. Place your cursor on a blank line in the body of your blog post.
  3. Click on the YouTube button in the toolbar.
  4. The following code will be inserted into that line of your blog post.
  5. Place the YouTube video ID between the bracketed sections.It is case sensitive so be sure to copy it exactly as it appears in the YouTube url.
  6. The YouTube video will be embedded, although you will only see the code when viewing it from the backend. To preview your blog post, click on the preview button in the upper right corner.