Protecting text and photos is always an important consideration for any website. Anyone can easily copy the text on your website and paste it into a text editor to alter and re-use the content, and you may never know it.  In f act, they can even use your text verbatim without your knowledge. The same goes for your photos. Anyone can right click on your photo and perform a “save as” to save a copy to their computer. They can then re-use it on their own website. There are other alternatives for protecting images and content on a WordPress website.

Blog Protector Plug-in

We discovered a plug-in called Blog Protector that prevents people from highlighting and copying text on your website and right-clicking to save-as. If you have professional photography or images that you have paid for, you can make it a little more difficult for visitors to steal your images.


When someone tries to right click on your website, they receive a pop-up error message that can say whatever you would like, i.e. “Error – Content may not be copied”. When they try and copy text on the page, they simply can’t do it.


  • Blog Protector does not stop people from using screen capture programs to copy your image.
  • If you have forms on your website, visitors cannot highlight text within a form to quickly delete, copy, paste, or replace the form values.

Before deciding to use a tool for protecting images and content on a WordPress website, consider the pros and cons and how such a tool will impact the experience of visitors to that website.