You do not need a plug-in to create RSS feeds for WordPress categories. This functionality is built in to WordPress and there are easy ways of determining RSS feeds for WordPress categories within your site.

Determining the URL for Category-Based RSS Feeds

  1. Go to the archive page for a particular category.
    For example, one of the categories on our website is for training and instructions with a url of:
  2. Add “feed/” to the end of that url:

It’s that simple, you can provide links to particular feeds so that followers can receive only the information that they are interested in.

Using Category-Based Feeds

The content of your website will determine whether you need to share category-based RSS feeds. If you provide a wide range of content, it is possible that followers may not want to see everything that you post but rather only a subsection of your content. Providing category-based RSS feeds allow them to do this. You can include links to the different feeds in your sidebar.