RSS is a page within your website that identifies new content on your site.  Subscription emails send out messages to each subscriber, notifying them of the new content. Both features automatically include a link to the specific page on your site. The settings also include an option to display your full blog post or just an excerpt. When comparing displaying excerpt versus entire post in RSS and subscription email settings, there are several factors to consider.

Excerpt Advantages

If you display your entire blog post in RSS and subscription emails, your followers have no reason to click on the link in the email. There are several advantages to forcing them to click on the link and view the content directly on your website…

  1. Analytics – You will know how many people have viewed your blog posts.
  2. Visits to Other Pages – Visitors will see other features and links while on your website and may continue to browse through the site.
  3. Branding – While on your website, visitors will receive additional impressions of your branding.
  4. Formatting – Images and other formatting elements may not display properly or at all. Forcing viewing on your site ensures that the content is properly displayed.

Full Display Advantages

There are also advantages to having full blog posts displayed in RSS and email subscriptions.

  1. Content Focused – Displaying your full content makes it easier for subscribers to read what you have written without a lot of extra information to distract them.
  2. Potential for Viewing – You are not relying on subscribers to click on an additional link. They can quickly read the information and are therefore more likely to do so.
  3. Mobile Devices – It can be easily viewed on mobile devices without having to load a web page.

Displaying Excerpt vs. Entire Post in RSS and Subscription Emails

Decide what is most important to you,..consumer convenience and access to the specific content or trackability of impressions and promotion of other content on your website. Also consider the types of posts you add to your site. If they are formatting sensitive or contain a lot of images. Understanding the options and how your content fits into them will help you decide whether to include an excerpt or entire post in RSS and subscription emails.