Pages contain static content on your website and are separate from your blog posts. Pages are often used for user profiles, contact pages, testimonials, or other static and commonly linked to information. Just because the page is static does not mean that the content must never change. It is important to know about editing pages on WordPress websites so that you can change the static content as needed or to simply freshen up the information presented.

Steps for Editing Pages on WordPress Websites

  1. Click on Pages in the main menu.
  2. Find the desired page on the list and click on the page name or on the edit link below the page name (which appears when you place your cursor in the area).
  3. The page edit area looks very similar to a blog post. It contains a title, permalink url, tool bar, and area for you to enter the page content.
  4. Make changes to the content as desired.
  5. Click the UPDATE button in the upper right corner when finished.

Tips for Editing Pages on WordPress

When editing pages on WordPress websites, try not to edit the permalink url that appears below the page title. The page has probably been indexed by search engines. Changing the link may result in an error when someone tries to link to it. We heard that a fix to this problem may be offered soon by WordPress developers. Lanergy clients need not worry as we have a plug-in that automatically forwards visitors from the old page url to the new one.