All websites are not created equal! It’s not enough anymore to simply have a website. Once customers get to your website, what value do you offer? How do you keep them engaged? And how do you convert them to clients? We recently had the opportunity to evaluate this when redesigning a website for a new real estate client.

Traffic Is Not Enough

One of our clients had a url that he owned for many years and therefore received pretty good search engine ranking and traffic for certain real estate keyword phrases. However, the number of page views from visitors was very low indicating that people quickly lost interest in the website and did not navigate to other pages on the site once they got there. It’s not enough to simply get people to your website. Keeping them engaged and getting them to return to your website is critical to converting customers to clients.

A New Approach

The approach that we take with all of our clients is not only to search engine optimize the static content of their website but also to provide new information on a regular basis via a blog. The word “blog” often scares people, but in its basic definition, a blog is an update to your website. You can share information about your knowledge, industry topics, services you provide, etc. This makes your website more dynamic and provides interesting and useful information to visitors.

Impact of a Well Organized Website and Blog Content

For this particular client, we re-organized his website to make it easier to navigate, optimized static content, and added a blogging platform. In fact, we even write blogs on his behalf! The chart below demonstrates the immediate impact of these changes. The changeover occurred in October of 2012. You can see that immediately, the number of pages viewed by visitors to his website dramatically increased. Once customers reached his website, they were easily able to recognize and navigate to additional information. Furthermore, the information was engaging enough to keep them on the website viewing other topics. The chart below clearly shows that website format and content affect visitor page views.

Optimizing Your Old Website

If you have a website built years ago on an old platform or with purely static content, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Doing so can make the most of your existing search engine ranking and traffic or help you get better ranking and more traffic! We specialize in providing a practical and search engine targeted approach to websites for small businesses. Our service packages can even include blog writing services to help you make the most of your Internet marketing initiatives. Call or email us today for a free consultation and quote!