We often use terms without explaining them,..and don’t even realize it. Someone recently brought to our attention that it’s not always clear how WordPress sites differ from traditional websites. So here’s the WordPress 101 explanation…

Traditional Websites

“Traditional websites” refer to those built in straight HTML code (there are other code languages that may appear on these sites as well, but we’ll stick to HTML for the simple explanation). They often require knowledge of code or software programs such as DreamWeaver to edit. Each page is usually compiled manually. Traditional sites are therefore more cumbersome to maintain and requires some technical skill. Most traditional websites currently out there are updated very infrequently because of this.

WordPress Websites

WordPress is a popular platform because it offers a graphical user interface and is VERY user-friendly. It does not require HTML knowledge for its basic functioning. Anyone with just a little technical skill can actually build a WordPress website from scratch. Here are some of the many additional benefits of WordPress.

  • Search Engine Friendly (for Higher Rankings)
  • Allows for Static Pages and Blogging Content
  • Has many pre-designed themes available.
  • Has thousands of “plug-ins”that allow addition of special features.
  • Has an online public support forum with a wealth of information.
  • Continues to be developed and improved.

How WordPress Websites Differ from Traditional Websites

WordPress makes website building and maintenance a lot more cost effective. Consumers can choose to hire a web developer for the design phase or attempt it on their own.   After initial design, even the novice user can log in and easily edit their pages or add blog posts without the assistance of a webmaster. Blogs are essential to competing for online traffic and it’s only natural that search engines will rank frequently updated website above those that remain stagnant. WordPress provides a solution for any business or independent professional to compete online without spending thousands of dollars to create a website. We hope this explanation of how WordPress websites differ from traditional websites was helpful. If you are looking for WordPress support, please feel free to contact the team at Lanergy Solutions.