With the abundance of apps available, it’s easier than ever to operate your business on-the-go using your smart phone or tablet. Below are our recommendations on 6 business apps for a mobile office. We have found these apps extremely useful and hope that you will too!

6 Business Apps for a Mobile Office

1. Cloud Server App (i.e. Nomadesk or Drop Box)

Several cloud storage services allow you to back-up the data on your computer to the cloud and sync the files on multiple computers or devices. Nomadesk and DropBox are just 2 examples of this. These services not only make sense (to prevent you from losing data from a computer crash or theft) but are extremely convenient for working remotely. Whatever cloud service you use, they most likely offer a free app. You can download specific documents and then use one of the apps below to edit them.

2. Quickoffice

Quickoffice allows you to edit existing Microsoft Office documents or create new ones. There are many apps on the market for this, but some have limitations on the functions available. QuickOffice includes a wide range of functionality not offered by others (i.e. change tracking). It works for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. You can even create PDF documents from the files. At $19.99, it is well worth the price for the convenience.

3. Tiny Scan

There’s no need to run back to your office to scan or fax documents. TinyScan allows you to scan directly to PDF and then email or transfer the documents. You simply take a picture of each page. It will auto-detect the page boundaries to remove unnecessary background space and create cleaner looking pages. You can also scan multiple pages into a single document. This is a free app.

4. to PDF

To PDF allows you to create a PDF file from a website, contacts in your address book, a picture, or any document. PDF pages can be reordered, merged with other documents, or edited. The editing feature can be used to sign contracts on your tablet (a better option that signing apps that have limited uses or charge a monthly fee). This app is jam packed with functionality at a one-time cost of only $4.99.

5. MyFax

You may be thinking,…who uses a fax anymore? Until the fax machine becomes a thing of the past, there will be instances where you must send or receive a fax. Electronic fax services like MyFax ($10/mo) will make your life easier. When you sign up for the service, you receive a dedicated fax number that links to your email address, allowing you to receive faxes without running to check a machine. You can also send faxes using a digital document. Use the app to send faxes while on the go. The app is free, but you do need a MyFax account.

6. Splashtop

We saved the best for last. Having apps are great, but there are certain things that you simply need your computer to do. Splashtop allows you to access and control your PC from anywhere! The app is normally $19.99 but is currently available for $4.99. There is an additional fee of $16.99 per year. Additional software must be installed on your PC, but that is provided for free through their website. Installation is quick and easy. Just a reminder,…you must leave your PC on in order for this App to communicate with it and allow you to control your PC.

Advantages of Business Apps

Mobile business apps not only make it possible for you to operate a mobile office, but they can also save you time and money. Your tablet can take the place of a fax machine and scanner,..or prevent the need for printing. You can access the same files from almost anywhere thanks to the cloud. If you can’t do something without your PC, that’s no longer a problem either thanks to apps like Splashtop 2. For any professional who works remotely, these are all essential tools.