Video blogging is increasing in popularity. Below are some video blogging SEO tips to help you get better ranking for video content.


YouTube is a great place to upload your videos. The site is crawled frequently by search engines and ranks well. Pay close attention when entering the title and description for your video. They both should contain the primary keyword phrase that you are targeting. When search engines crawl YouTube, they will rank videos based on these two fields.


  • Frame or Host
    Create a blog post about your video. You have two options for placing the video in your blog:
    1) Embed/frame the video from YouTube. Embedding from YouTube will take up less of the capacity and bandwidth on your server.
    2) Upload the video directly to your website. By giving your video a different file name and title, it will appear as a separate video from the YouTube version.
  • Transcription
    Provide a transcript of the video and place it in the body of the blog post. Use headings and paragraphs to make it easy to read. You do not have to transcribe it word for word,..think about readability and make changes as needed.

Get Better Ranking for Video Content

By posting the video on YouTube and then blogging about it, you essentially have two videos online and will be making the most out of the time and energy taken to record your video. Search engines do not crawl your actual video and know what is contained in it, so the blog post and transcription will help you detail and get better ranking for video content.