Blogging is the act of adding content to your website on a regular basis. It is a way for you to share your knowledge and expertise, and as a result, reach out to new customers. Static websites can no longer compete in the online marketing world. Having a current, constantly updated  and growing website is the key. So why are more people not doing this. First, they may not have a website platform that allows for easy adding of blog content. For those that do have the platform, there are 5 major reasons why people fail at blogging.

Reasons Why People Fail At Blogging

1. Don’t Know Where to Start

Most don’t know where to even begin with blogging. We all have in-depth knowledge of industry related topics, but creating a plan to compile those thoughts into individual blogs can be challenging. Without a clear plan, your message can get lost. You must have an ultimate goal in mind to know where to start and what path to take.

2. Not Good at Writing

Your website is a reflection of yourself and your business. Your blogs should have proper structure and present a clear message. It is actually similar to a college paper. You need an introductory paragraph, content paragraphs with clearly defined topics, and a closing paragraph. Your blog should not be too long or ramble on, as this will lose the interest of readers. Then there are keywords and search engine optimization to consider. These are all components to a well written blog and many people find that it is not their strength.

3. Too Time Consuming

If you struggle with number 1 and 2 above, then you may find blogging extremely time consuming. Anything worthwhile takes time. However, you are more likely to avoid time consuming activities.

4. Lack of Consistency

Like most business development and marketing activities, you must stick to the plan and continuously execute. Many professionals start out strong but then lose momentum. With blogging and your website, you must be consistent. The more content you create, the more people you will reach. You will also keep existing followers engaged.

5. Give Up Too Soon

It is normal to expect immediate results from anything that you do,… it’s psychologically ingrained in all of us. However, Internet marketing and blogging takes time and consistency. You are gradually building your brand and image. The long term benefits can be great if you stick to a plan. Unfortunately, most give up too soon to reap the rewards.

An Easier Way to Blog and Succeed

Blogging may not be your strength or your desire, but it is a necessary marketing activity for any business looking to attract customers online. Lanergy Solutions can help! We take the time to understand your business and write blogs for you! If you prefer to write content yourself but just need a little help, consider using our Build-a-Blog tool. It provides ideas, prompts you for specific information, then compiles and formats search engine optimized blogs for you. With the services provided by Lanergy Solutions, you can overcome the reasons why people fail and blogging and create a plan for success!