When creating a page on FaceBook for marketing, give careful thought to the title of page. It can impact whether customers can find you and therefore the amount of exposure you may receive on FaceBook. This is particularly important for independent professionals such as real estate agents and mortgage brokers. FaceBook page names with keywords are much more effective than those without. Below are a few examples and tips to consider.

Think of How People Search

Think about whether people are likely to search for your name, company name, or type of service.

Example 1: John ‘n Alex Real Estate

Customers will find you if actually searching for “John ‘n Alex” or “John ‘n Alex Real Estate”. However, how likely are people to enter ‘n in their search. Using an unusual spelling or special character can impact people’s ability to find you in a general FaceBook search even when they do know your page name.

Example 2: Jane Doe & Associates

Customers may end up finding you when searching for “Jane Doe” (depending on how common that name is) or “Jane Doe & Associates”. However, this may not help you reach any new clients. Both examples 1 and 2 are very specific to your name or team but does not attract potential new customers.

Example 3: Boston MA Realtors, Jane Doe & Associates

This is a much better page name. Not only does it allow your existing clients to find you when searching for your name or your team name, but it also targets new buyers who may search for “Boston MA Realtors”. It is important to make your market area clear and to use terms that people may actually search, but don’t go crazy and try to list every town you cover! Think about your primary market or region. If you cover very distinct markets, it may make better sense to create separate pages for those than to make one page all inclusive.

FaceBook Page Names with Keywords Can Increase Exposure

By putting some extra thought into your page name, you can increase the likelihood that people will find you when performing a general search on FaceBook. This allows you to reach not only clients who know your name but also those that do not. Using FaceBook page names with keywords is an important way to leverage your FaceBook marketing efforts. Depending on the type of page you have, you can change the page name under the basic information section of the page settings.

Special Note: This advice does not apply to “Local Business” pages. Those pages are restricted by FaceBook and should only include the business name. Changes to the page name must also be processed and approved by FaceBook. Page administrators do not have access to changing them at will. FaceBook only allows one change and may request documentation to confirm the change.