Content is key,… which is true with both written and video blog content. Not only must your content be good, but how you share it is equally important. As you prepare your video blogs, here are some video blog recording tips to keep in mind.

1 – Content Length & Organization

For videos, it’s always best to make your content short and sweet. Being long-winded can cause people to lose interest and stop watching. However, don’t rush through it either. The key is to find the perfect balance of how much you present and how quickly you present it. Also, your content should have a natural and logical flow to it. Jumping around can make it confusing for viewers.

2 – Voice Fluctuations

Voice fluctuation is extremely important when recording video blogs. Although you may have a script prepared, don’t make it sound like you’re reading! Imagine someone sitting in front of you and how you might speak to that person. Viewers should feel like you’re talking directly to them. A conversational tone makes for a better video blog.

3 – Eye Content and Body Language

Last, but certainly not least, think about your body language. Find a comfortable sitting position where your movements will be limited. Avoid hunching over a table or leaning back too much in a chair. Be conscious of hand gestures, facial expressions, and where your eyes are looking. Again, the goal is to make viewers feel like they’re sitting in the room with you, so be sure to make eye contact with the camera.

Summary of Video Blog Recording Tips

Your video blogs should be interesting and engaging. Hopefully the tips above will help you achieve this. Be sure to also read our blog post on the technical aspects of your video blog, such as video orientation and overlays.