Videos are a great way to add rich content to your website. Plus, they can provide SEO value to improve your website rankings. As you set out to start recording, keep these video blog recording tips in mind.

1 – Orientation

If you are using a smartphone to record videos, be sure to hold your device sideways, in landscape orientation. Since computers and televisions are landscape oriented, videos platforms use that as well. Recording in portrait mode will result in dead space to the left and right of your video, which wastes valuable space and doesn’t look great.

2 – Spacing & Positioning

Spacing and positioning are equally important factors. First and foremost, center yourself in the video. Leave space above your head, but not too little or too much. Ideally, your torso should be visible and not just your face. Zooming in too close can make your video a bit uncomfortable to watch. Zooming out too far can leave a lot of wasted space. Additionally, it’s best if you can look straight at the camera, rather than looking down or up at it.

3 – Transcripts

In addition to displaying your video on a webpage or blog post, it’s a good idea to include a transcript below the video. This is helpful for folks who can’t listen to the audio for one reason or another. That text also gets crawled by search engines, which is a plus.

4 – Video Length

You’ve probably heard this many times,… try and keep things short and sweet. Videos are a popular medium, but people also have short attention spans. If you don’t grab their interest within the first 15 seconds, they are unlikely to watch the remainder of your video. Additionally, long-winded videos can lose the interest of your audience. Some social media platforms, like Instagram, limit videos to 60 seconds.

5 – Overlay Text

If possible, include overlay text in your video. This can be helpful particularly when sharing to social media since the lettering will tell people what your video is about before they click to watch it. Sure, you can include that information in the text associated with your post, but many people simply glance through images and don’t necessarily read the post text.

Summary of Video Blog Recording Tips

Great video blogs start with the right orientation, spacing, and positioning. Adding visuals and including transcripts can further enhance them and improve SEO value. Remember that content is always key, so providing useful information in a concise and entertaining format is important as well. If you’re taking the time to record videos, keep these video blog recording tips in mind so that you can maximize its value and grow your viewing audience.