Small business is the growth engine of America. They strive to service local clientele, become a prominent player in the local community, and beat out larger competitors with the best service. We are a small business and are always asked what differentiates us and invariably our response is “service”.  If you have a small business like ours, there’s no question that your faithful clients love you, your store, and your service. But when it comes to growing your business, such as expanding a local presence to a regional scale, who knows the value of your services and how can you communicate this to potential clients? This represents one of the biggest marketing challenges for small business.

Direct mail, newspaper ads, radio spots, and Facebook posts….  All of these things should be done as an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. However, many small business owners are still not maximizing the one vehicle most have,… their website. A small business website is your often overlooked best tool in the shed for your marketing efforts.

Websites have evolved over the years and sites that were built just 5 years ago need updating or a full re-design. In this ever-changing online and social media world, your website must include capabilities built-in so you can communicate with your clients effectively. It’s not enough to just post on Facebook or Twitter. Small business owners must provide great content on their sites so when consumers are ready for your products/services, you can be found as their resource.

Lanergy Solutions is a small business, working with other small businesses to provide a competitive advantage in the online marketing world. We build WordPress web sites that help you get found online, integrate social media strategies, and create a strong advertising plan. Our writers help you develop relevant content to ensure you are top ranking in the search engines. The Lanergy Solutions small business website design platform is easy to use and requires no technical experience. We become an extension of your marketing efforts and help you address many of the marketing challenges for small business,… so you can focus more on running your business.