Internet marketing is essential to any marketing campaign, but is particularly important for small businesses and independent professionals. It provides added exposure, attract customers online, and allows small businesses to compete with larger companies. With the right services and tools, you can successfully market your business online while saving time and money.

Lanergy Solutions Internet Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Lanergy Solutions offers a full service Internet Marketing package that includes…

  • A Custom WordPress Website with Blogging Platform
  • Writing Tools that Automate SEO & Format Content, and Increase Search Engine Rankings
  • Social Media Account (FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn) Setup and Optimization/Configuration
  • Automated Distribution of Website Content to Social Media Accounts
  • Training and Support

Details and Information

We provide a free consultation to understand your business goals and create an Internet marketing plan that fits your needs AND your budget. Our packages are typically a fraction of the cost that you would traditionally pay and include added-services that ensure your success. Contact us to find out how the Lanergy Solutions Internet marketing services for small businesses can make your small business a large one in the online world!