There are different strategies to managing your blog posts. Your publishing schedule is an important one to consider. It is preferable to have new content added on a regular basis rather than a lot of content added all at once. The publication of new blog posts can generate emails to your subscribers and post on your social media accounts (if set up to do so). Scheduling your posts properly will prevent the appearance of spamming to your followers.

3 Different Options for Saving & Publishing

  1. Save As Draft – Allows you to come back later and complete it.
  2. Publish on a Future Date – Will not be visible on your site until a specific date and time.
  3. Publish – Makes it immediately visible on your site.

Saving as Draft

Use the save draft button to save your work for completion at a later time. Drafts will appear on your posts list with the words “draft” next to the title.

Publish on Future Date

If you are finished with your blog post but do not want it to display on your website right away, you can schedule blog posts for a future date. This allows you to sit down and write several articles at once without fearing that they will all appear on the same day. Scheduled items will appear on your posts list with the words “scheduled” and the particular date displayed.

Publish Now

The publish button makes your blog post immediately visible on the website and will initiate emails to subscribers and will distribute to your integrated social media accounts.

Why Saving and Publishing Options are Important

Blogging does not need to be a cumbersome or daily process. You can work on your blog articles as you have time available using the draft option. You can also write several articles in one sitting and schedule for future dates. These saving and publishing options for WordPress blog posts let you control and better manage your website content. If you feature upcoming blog posts on your website, this may also encourage visitors to follow your website if they see a future topic that interests them.