These instructions will walk  you through how to insert hyperlinks into a WordPress blog post or page.

What is a Hyperlink?

A hyperlink is text that normally appears underlined and in different colored text, indicating that a reader can click on it and go to another web page. The text often describes the page that it will go to. For example, Lanergy Solutions Testimonials is a hyperlink and implies that if someone clicks on it, they will actually be taken to the testimonials page on our website. Instead of simply displaying the url for that page, we are displaying descriptive words. Showing text instead of the raw url simply looks better and flows well within a paragraph.

How to Insert Hyperlinks

  1. Type out the text that you want to turn into a hyperlink.
  2. Highlight the desired text (left click and drag your mouse over it).
  3. Click on the link icon in the toolbar .
  4. Fill out the hyperlink fields as shown below.
  5. Click the ADD LINK button.
  6. Your text will appear underlined and in different color text.

Why Hyperlinks Are Important

Hyperlinks allow visitors who are reading your blog to easily access related information on other websites. This is particularly important if you are referencing information on or from another site. Linking to the original source or official authority of the information gives your blog post and content more legitimacy. Lastly, by linking out to other websites, you may occasionally get a link back in return, which will help your search engine positioning.