You can add a FaceBook LIKE button to your WordPress website using one of the many social media plug-ins available. Be sure to check your website on different browsers. A common problem occurs with Internet Explorer not displaying the LIKE button properly.

Solution to FaceBook Like Button Not Showing on Internet Explorer

To resolve this issue, you must include the following code in the header tag of each page.

<html xmlns:fb=”” xmlns:og=””></html>

Editing Header Tag

The header tag can be edited in a few different ways, depending on your skill level.

  1. Edit through Theme Settings.
    Genesis Users, go to Genesis/Theme Settings/Header & Footer Scripts. Enter the code into the header area.
  2. Install a plug-in that allows you to add code to your header. This avoids hand-editing the template pages.
  3. Hand edit the page and post template to include the above code.