Lanergy Solutions will work with you to create a website that brings your vision to life. Your business deserves a website that is professional, engaging, and highlights your strengths. We take the time to understand your needs and preferences. Some clients come to us with specific ideas in mind. However, most simply tell us what they are looking to accomplish and allow us to use our creativity to create a design for them. There are several different phases to creating a website.

1. Website Design/Customization

The great thing about the WordPress platform is that there are a wide range of themes available. By starting with an existing theme, the website development cost and timeline is dramatically less than traditional methods. To make your website unique and personalized, quite a bit of work is still required. This often involves editing of theme style sheets which control the font, colors, graphics, and mobile adaptive functions. WordPress widget areas and other functions may also need adding/editing to meet your design preferences. This customization process is important to creating a website that truly reflects your business. It is rare that we come across a theme that does not need customization work. In some cases, the final design looks completely different from the original theme. Click Here to see some examples.

2. Website Configuration

Beyond the design of a website, there are many configuration tasks that need to be completed. The first includes general WordPress and plug-in settings that allow your website to function optimally. The second aspect of the configuration places your information into particular areas of the layout such as the banner, menus, sidebars, background, and footers. Troubleshooting and editing of PHP code may be required to correct glitches or other issues. Configuration is important and requires knowledge of best practices for website performance.

3. Page Content

Once the design and configuration of your website is complete, it’s time to fill it with content. The text that you provide for your static pages are formatted and search engine optimized. Sitemaps are created and submitted to search engines for indexing.

Beyond Website Customization Services

Every website that we work on is different, because every client is different. Rather than taking a standard approach to website design, we always begin with understanding your needs. We provide you with a wealth of information on features that your website may include, but ultimately, it is about creating the unique combination of features for your particular business. We’re more than a web designer or a webmaster. We don’t simply create a website and hand it off to you. We continue to be there for you to help manage your website. Our clients come to us for that personalized approach and support.