Wordpress Website Design & Configuration

Mobile-Adaptive Websites

Your website is your professional image. Potential customers may make decisions on whether to contact you based on what they see on your website. Whether it directly generates leads or not, it will undoubtedly impact your business.

Your business deserves a website that is professional, engaging, and highlights your strengths. At Lanergy Solutions, we take the time to understand your needs and preferences and help you bring your website vision to life. Our services include:

1. Website Design/Customization

Using the WordPress platform, we can quickly develop new websites. The great thing about WordPress is the wide range of themes available. By starting with an existing theme, the website development cost and timeline is dramatically less than traditional methods. To make your website unique and personalized, quite a bit of work is still required.

The theme is like a blueprint for a new home. Although you may select a home design/floorplan, you must still add furnishings and interior design elements. The theme provides the basic infrastructure and then our team helps you with creating the finished design. This often involves editing of theme style sheets which control the font, colors, graphics, and mobile adaptive functions. WordPress widget areas and other functions may also need adding/editing to meet your preferences. This customization process is important to creating a website that truly reflects your business. Click Here to see examples of original themes and final products.

2. Website Configuration

Beyond the design of a website, there are many configuration tasks to be completed. This includes general WordPress settings and installing necessary plugins. Plugins perform features such as slideshows, contact forms, popups, etc. There are a wealth of options available in the WordPress market, some free and some paid. We help you evaluate, select, and install option to achieve yoru desired website features.

3. Page Content

Once the design and configuration of your website is complete, it’s time to fill it with content. The text that you provide may need to be formatted and search engine optimized to maximize website performance and rankings. New content may also be needed in the form of blog posts.

Beyond Website Customization Services

Every website that we work on is different because every client is different. Rather than taking a standard approach to website creation, we always begin with understanding your needs. We help you brainstorm and evaluate options so that you can make informed decision about initial designs and future growth. We’re more than a web designer or a webmaster. We don’t simply create a website and hand it off to you. We continue to be there for you to help manage your website. Our clients come to us for that personalized approach and support.

Let Us Manage Your Marketing So You Can Focus on Running Your Business