How to Insert Images Into a WordPress Blog Post

Images are an important element of a blog post. They can provide a visual reference to your topic or simply break up monotonous text. These instructions will walk you through how to insert images into a WordPress blog post.

Cursor Placement, First and Foremost

Before you insert an image, you must first decide where that image should go. First, you should write out all of your text. It is difficult to align an image without having any text to align it with. Decide if you want the image to display on a line by itself or wrapped to the left or right of a paragraph. If you want it on a line by itself, make sure you place your cursor on a blank line. If you want it wrapped around a paragraph, place your cursor on the line where you want tthe top of the image to be. Then follow the steps below.

How to Insert Images

  1. Place your cursor in the desired location (blank line or a line within a paragraph).
  2. Click on the insert/upload image button above the toolbar.


  3. Click on the button to Select Files.


  4. Look for the image saved on your computer. Left click on the image once to highlight it, then click on the OPEN button in the lower right.


  5. The image will load and will display with several different fields for you to enter. Fill out the fields based on the recommendations below.


  6. When you are done with the settings, click INSERT INTO POST.
  7. Your image will appear in the blog post with the settings that you entered.

Now that you know how to insert images into a WordPress blog post, you can make your posts more fun and engaging to readers.


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