Blogging Tools for Real Estate Buyer Agents

Real estate buyer agents may think that they have less to blog about since they don’t have any listings, but they have listings that they sell and can therefore blog about those. This gives buyer agents an opportunity to establish local presence and demonstrate how much business they maintain in different communities. We have a blogging tool for buyer agents to assist with creating¬† and optimizing this type of content on WordPress or any blogging platform.

Why You Need a Real Estate Blogging Tool

We hear all the time from real estate agents that they can write and don’t mind doing it, but they struggle with optimizing that content for search engines. What do you put in the title, in the body, in the description? What headings should you use and how should you format them? What keywords should you use and where should you put them? These are all time consuming activities that make blogging more cumbersome for real estate agents.

How the Lanergy Solutions Blogging Tool Works

We’ve taken the stress out of blogging about sold listings by creating an easy to use form that prompts you for basic information about the property. It then builds each component of the blog post for you including the title, description, tags, keywords, and body. It is all keyword optimized and formatted, all you have to do is cut and paste it into your blogging platform. How easy is that? You can also upload photos to the blog post and it will automatically appear in a nice grid within the body of the blog. You do not need to insert them into the post,…just upload them.

How You Access the Blogging Tool

Our blogging tool is located within our Knowledge Base and you must be a client to receive access. We have blogging tools for other common topics such as new listings and real estate market reports and continue to added new ones regularly. The Knowledge Base also contains instructions on using WordPress, social media, and technology tools. We make much of this content public on our company website, but the blogging tools remain an exclusive benefit to our clients. For information and pricing on our blogging tools and any of our other services, please contact us at any time.